EyouCms is known for its many templates, easy to optimize, and open source. It is a new PHP open source website management system and the most popular PHP CMS system. After years of development, the current version is no matter. In terms of functions and ease of use in the background, there has been considerable development and progress. The main target users of eyoucms free version are locked in groups that have the needs of enterprises to establish their stations. Of course, there are also some users and schools that use the system.

Enterprise websites, whether large or small or medium-sized enterprises, use the network to transmit information to a certain extent to improve the efficiency of business and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. EyouCms website construction system to do various websites, what is EyouCms, EyouCms is a free and open source content management system, it is a content publishing system (CMS) that can be used independently. In China, EyouCms belongs to the most popular CMS system.

Government agencies, through the establishment of government portals, facilitate the integration of various information and resources, and strengthen communication and communication between the government and the public, so that the government can work faster, more conveniently, and more effectively.

Educational institutions, through the introduction of network information, enable information transmission between educational institutions and within educational institutions and educators, and comprehensively enhance the level of educational websites.


Easy to use: You can use it for ten minutes to build a corporate website with easy-to-use background.

Perfect: Yiyou Basic contains all the features needed for a regular corporate website.

Scalability: Yiyou can also support more functions through the plugin library, such as third-party extensions such as Ali SMS or applet.

Rich information: As a domestic cms, Yiyou has a complete help document and label manual.

Rich template: Yiyou has a large number of free and beautiful templates, covering all walks of life, and users are free to choose.


Innovative: Yiyou is a system developed based on user needs. User needs are constantly changing, and we strive to follow and change.

Community: Currently focused on template building, this is not really established for an open source project.

In the future, we look forward to working with users to create a better and more excellent CMS...2018.6.1